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West Lakes Adelaide 

South Australia Australia 5021

creativity is intelligence having

Hello, I'm Sandy Andreopoulos and YES this is all ABOUT ME !

I am a passionate web designer and LOVE all things techy at 

I started out by creating and operating my own successful business with a fully operational

e-commerce website selling Kids party supplies Online Retail Shop for 15 years (now closed).

YAY Melbourne and Sydney are finally back in business let's hope there are some budding small businesses out there that need a little stepping stone to shine a light on them with a wicked website as I am ready for you !

I have over 20 years in experience with small to medium businesses in Adelaide and have seen wonderful growth but still feel the mistakes that businesses are making, stopping them from being successful ! 


I would love to help you and tell you how to run your business but you probably think you can't be told.  I have a secret I am an obsessive shopper in my spare time and I can say having to share my feedback online doesn't always get heard by business owners.

So I would love to share my feedback behind the scenes with your business or store and review your products, services and frontline sales staff and experiences in Adelaide South Australia saving you the embarrassment of having it posted online allowing you the opportunity to change and offer award winning products and service instead.   

It's the feedback you all fear and don't want to hear !

I would also love to critique your sales service, business and website or social media and with a set of fresh eyes tweak a few things and get you back on the road again wanting more !

My website designs are original as well as offering WIX pre-designed templates. View past and present client website portfolio it reflects a vast range of clients don't be too quick to judge as some are the client designs and choices designed are because I listen to what the customer wants  ! 

Some of my customers have been start-up businesses and as we all know it's a competitive world out there and I have to say if you don't have commitment you may not survive.  Let me help you revive your business or give it some loving and attention let's ride this

Covid Wave together 

I am very Customer focused in small to medium sized start-up businesses I believe I have been inspirational to my Client base and audience with an overall caring attitude boasting

5 star rating feedback in trying to meet every clients needs.

If you are looking for someone with a creative flair who can think outside the box and a passionate web designer with excellent customer communication and skills then I know I will change how you see your business and change how your staff think with my unique inventive ways if you let me !

I love to boast that small secrets I have learned over the years of operating my own business may give you a competitors edge and here and now is a great place for you to start to develop a real business brand and story.

I look forward to any NEW projects and landing the dream job where I will be allowed to unleash my creative capabilities with no shackles PLEASE.


Owner - Web Designer


Web designer, setup and creation of business websites, mobile sites, e-commerce sites, blogs, social media accounts setup - facebook, twitter, google, pinterest, instagram, linked in and ongoing website training and maintenance and upgrades for small to medium businesses. Using WIX means creativity is endless !


Owner - Online Retail SHOP Manager


Mum of 3 operating a South Australian home based business 24-7 Party Paks - Kids party supplies online SHOP delivery anytime anywhere in Australia and Worldwide.  Specializing in children's licensed character party packs and character cake and cupcake toppers to match party themes. As there was a lack of Online stores I knew this was a great opportunity to jump in ! 


Parent of Twins + 1


In 2003 my husband and I had a set of beautiful twin babies much to our surprise. One  boy and one  girl which kept me busy and left me no choice but to stay home to ensure they received the best care and this is why I decided to create my own home based business to keep me in touch with the real world.  The Twins now 18 and with our older daughter of 26 now fully employed,  I feel I can now enjoy a little more me time and I am always looking forward to the next challenge and brain stimulating project but it must be a creative design position or project - Interior Design, Graphic Design, Social Media and such.


Business Accounting Software Consultant


Mode Business Support was created after becoming a Authorized Sybiz software consultant as there was a need for Clients wanting help installing, supporting and training with bookkeeping, Ecommerce and Accounting software packages. 


Past Employment


My 1st role was in 1985 with Tolley's Wines which lead me into Office administration and from there Computer IT and Accounting roles in some larger companies as well as temporary contract work in some of Adelaide's iconic businesses - Beaumont Tiles, Stratco, Sybiz Software, Solution 6 Accounting Software, HTI Communications, Arthur Young and many more.  Just click on this link for a more detailed Summary of Companies and job rolls.


High School Education

LEAVING - 4th Year 

I completed 4th year  SACE at Seaton High School and due to family commitments I was unable to go on to complete matriculation.  I was eager to gain independence and job security in the very fast and competitive world of unemployment and glad I did as I gained more knowledge and experience from staff training and working through various roles helped my career blossom. 

These days while graduates may have the academic knowledge I feel employers need experienced mature employees with business and life skills more than anything to reach out to customers - you could say I possess a little of the "Old Style Customer Service" lacking in business these days.

Also I attended Kapunda High School, Concordia College and Adelaide High School having to move around due to my parents work commitments.  Moving around has helped me gain a friendly personality having to meet and greet all the time !


It has also helped me with confidence and to be more outgoing. Operating my own businesses steered helped me to gain great communication skills to be able to listen and interpret customers needs and wants.

Accreditation and Professional Development

Courses, Awards and Achievements




Messenger Press 2012 Winner small business category awards

Messenger Press 2010 & 2011 Runner up small business awards


Covid 19 Marshal Certificate

First Aid Cetificate

Tax Workshop Seminar

Occupational Health and Safety

Building Retail Sales

Sybiz  Software Support Training 

Sybiz Authorised Consultant


Married Peter Andreopoulos & 3 beautiful children

Startup to fully operational income earning businesses 

(Mode Business Support, 24-7 Party Paks & Website in a Wink)

Sandy Andreopoulos and family

my family

dbicom communications adelaide south australia Wireless telecommunications infrastructure installations
24-7 Party Paks kids paty shop online Australia - sadly has now closed due to Covid !
24 Books Bookkeeping Service
summer kiss tan shop online australia logo
A and J Chevrolet - Chevrolet 4 Hire

Office Administration

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Microsoft Office Email, Word & Excel


Website Design & Social Media

Wedding & Event promotional websites

Business Logos & Business Cards

Online Resumes

All Things Business 

I can help you with the following business implementation & maintaining of :-

Business Name Idea & Registration

ABN Registration

Domain Name Registration

Email Setup

Website Design & Implementation (WIX)

Mobile Site Design & implementation (WIX)

Logo Design & Business cards

E-commerce sites

Social Media, Google & Bing Accounts

Knowledge & Assistance

I can offer Office administration support and one on one training:-

Data Entry & Bookkeeping

Debtors & Creditors

Reconciling Bank Accounts

Word Documents & Excel Spreadsheets

Creative Design & Form design 

Content Writing & Blogging

Office Administration

Wix Website Building 

Blogging & Social Media

Software & Apps

I can provide training and support with the following software packages & apps :-

WIX Websites